Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

To understand Hip Replacement Surgery, we must first be familiar with the normal structure of the hip joint, a ball-and-socket joint. The ball component is attached to the top of the thighbone called Femur. The socket (acetabulum) is part of the pelvis. The ball rotating in the socket permits us to move the leg forward, backward and sideways, i.e. in all planes of motion.

With a normal hip, smooth cartilage covering the ends of the thigh bone and pelvis allows the ball to rotate / glide easily inside the socket.

With an abnormal hip, the worn cartilage no longer permits smooth movement. As the damaged bones rub together, they become uneven (rough), and the resulting pain and subsequently difficulty in walking. Total Hip Replacement consists of changing the worn out socket with a durable plastic or polyethylene cup or a ceramic socket with or without a metal shell and the femoral head with a chromium-cobalt alloy metal ball or a ceramic material that is attached to a metal stem of titanium or chromium cobalt metal alloy. 


There are several ways to attach the implant to the bone, during the hip replacement surgery. With a cemented Hip replacement surgery, the implants is anchored to the bone with cement. In a non-cemented Hip Replacement Surgery, fixation occurs as the bone grows on and into the implant surface. 

Bearing surfaces include metal-on-polyethylene (plastic), ceramic-on- ceramic, and ceramic on poly. The most commonly used bearing surface is metal with highly cross-linked polyethylene and ceramic on highly cross-linked polyethylene. The best bearing surface for a particular patient will be decided by the surgeon in consultation with the patient. 

Durability of the artificial hip joint varies with the material used as well as the usage demands of each patient. 

Who needs Total Hip Replacement? 

Osteoarthritis is one of the common reasons, why hip replacement surgery is advised to patients.  The conditions requiring hip replacement can be classified as follows:

  • Arthritis
    • OsteoArthritis
    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Ankylosing Spondylitis
    • Dysplastic Hip
  • Avascular Necrosis of Hip (AVN)
  • Hip Fractures

With all the modern technology and protocols it is possible to treat all the above-mentioned conditions and help patients recover from it at the quickest possible time in our facilities.

When do we advise Patients to undergo Total Hip Replacement Surgery?

Pain in the hip is NOT the indication for total hip replacement. Yes, it is a major surgery which is only recommended when all the other treatments are not helping the patient to get rid of the pain. In fact Total Hip Replacement is the last resort for any hip condition when indicated. First we must exhaust all other modalities including physiotherapy, Yoga therapy, exercise therapy medical therapy etc. But, when all these measures fail total hip replacement surgery is considered. 


To make it even more clear, below mentioned are the reasons when a Patient will be advised the treatment of total hip replacement surgery:


  • Severe pain, stiffness, and swelling in the hip joint, reducing mobility completely 
  • The pain in the hip joint is so severe that it is literally disturbing activities of daily living and normal lifestyle 
  • The pain in the hip joint is so severe that disturbs normal sleep. 
  • It will get difficult or impossible for you to perform regular activities like getting out of a bathtub or even going for a walk. 
  • Development of deformities of the hip making it difficult to get up and be mobile
  • It will get impossible for you to work or even have any kind of social life.
  • Instability of the hip is also an indication for hip replacement surgery 


The ones who are experiencing the above-mentioned symptoms will be advised to go for total hip replacement surgery so that they can get relief from pain and get started with their regular lifestyle without any difficulty whatsoever. Rehabilitation is another important factor to be considered while going for the surgery. Our team follows the Rapid Rehab Protocols so that our patients are are back to normal at the quickest possible time.

Why Choose Our “A” Team (Arthroplasty Team) for the Hip Replacement Surgery?

Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa with his experience of getting trained from some of the best hospitals in India, United Kingdom and United States of America, has carefully set up a Joint Replacement program at DHEE Hospitals in Bangalore, which is unique for many reasons.  He has handpicked members of the “A” team inclusive of Joint Replacement Surgeons, Pain management experts, Orthopaedic Physiotherapists, Yoga therapists, Nutrition Specialists and Patient Empowerment Officers (PEO) otherwise called Patient counsellors. 

Now, what makes PEOPLE TREE Joint Replacement program as one of the best in Bangalore?

Here are some of the top reasons:


Highly Qualified and experienced Teams of Joint Replacement Surgeons & Multi-disciplinary support staff

When you visit DHEE Hospitals and meet the members of the “A” team for your joint problems you are not just choosing the best team but, you are also choosing the best Musculoskeletal research team consisting of not only general Orthopaedic surgeons but also the expert Joint replacement surgeons of hip, knee & shoulder, Spine surgeons, Sports Injury surgeons, Limb reconstruction surgeons, Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeons & Bone cancer surgeons. Not just that, the Multi-disciplinary team also consists of the best pain management specialists, who can use interventional techniques to reduce pain, the specialized Orthopaedic physiotherapists, Integrated Yoga experts and also the dieticians with naturopathy background to complete the care.


All the consultant Joint Replacement Surgeons in the “A” Team are highly qualified and have received training at some of the best Joint Replacement centers across the world including United States of America, Australia, United Kingdom & Germany.


Use of advanced and latest technology

With the advent of technology, it has become quite indispensable to use the latest equipment in complex Joint Replacement Surgeries including Revision Joint Replacement Surgeries. Our “A” Team surgeons are well versed Cutting Edge Joint replacement surgeries using Computer assistance and navigation (CAS).


Safer is Better

Our “A” Team operates in fully accredited NABH hospital which is also recognized as one of the 25 best hospitals in India. 

Our safety protocols, evidence based clinical practices and professionalism provides peace of mind for all our patients. 


Our exceptional standards include:

Lower readmission rate after hip & knee surgeries

Surgical Site Infection rate (SSIs) comparable to international standards. 

Very high patient satisfaction rates.

Rapid rehab protocols across all joint replacement surgeries

DHEE Hospital, where our “A” Team conducts surgeries is well equipped with staff and equipment to provide a wide spectrum of Joint Replacement services. Right from knee joint and hip joint replacement to Revision & Re-Revision Joint replacement services you get everything under one roof. The availability of Joint/Limb reconstruction surgeons makes it even more comprehensive service advantage compared to any other centre. The hospital also has provisions for specialized physical medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation facilities for those who need it. That is not all, you can also rely on their integrative medicine specialists providing yoga and naturopathy services.


Affordable costs

Movement is life, Money should never stop anyone from availing world class joint care, this is something our “A” Team has always stood by. That is why, their uncompromising, but comprehensive and customized treatment packages are the most affordable in Bangalore. So, one can just stay calm about not overshooting their budget and instead, focus only on healing.


For all these reasons and more, we believe, we are one of the most proficient Joint Replacement service providers who are striving hard to assist with the best of facilities. Dr. Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa& his Team will always be there to help you with the best of advice and make sure that your recovery is quick and effective.