Teaching Experience

Teaching Experience

  • DNB Teacher / Guide for post graduate Orthopaedics DNB students at PEOPLE TREE Hospitals.
  • Faculty for Instructional PG teaching program at M S Ramaiah Teaching Hospital, under the aegis of Bangalore Orthopaedic Society, 2010.
  • Faculty for Total Knee Replacement Session at Karnataka State Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference (KOACON) 2010, Bangalore.
  • Table Instructor at Total Hip Replacement Workshop Indian Orthopaedic Association Annual Conference (IOACON) 2009, Bangalore.
  • DNB Teacher / Guide for post graduate Orthopaedics DNB students at SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore since June 2008 – 12.
  • Advanced Trauma Life Support [ATLS]  Instructor Jan 2007
  • University Hospital Lewisham, London.
    • One session per week dedicated for teaching clinical examination skills to Guy’s King’s St.Thomas’s (GKT) year four medical students. I was involved in teaching House officers, SHO’s, nursing staff and physiotherapists attached to the firms I was working. I was also involved in MRCS teaching for SHO’s.
  • Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Medical College, Bangalore, India. Being a member of the teaching faculty (Lecturer),


Three years’ experience of teaching under graduate and postgraduate trainees. The following activities were carried out during under graduate teaching;

      1. Lecture classes (Power Point Presentations), bedside clinics and practical demonstrations of Orthopaedic procedures, instruments and implants.
      2. Arranging and conducting internal assessment for medical students. Evaluating and marking their performance.
      3.  Conducting Board Theory exams and evaluating the student’s performance.
      4. I initiated the student seminars on Orthopaedic topics, wherein each student would choose a topic and prepare a power point / audio visual presentation for 20 – 30 minutes.
      5. I have also encouraged the students to get involved in the Group activities, such as educating public on health related topics.
Administrative / Organisational Experience:


Director, Institute of Orthopaedics, BGS Global Hospitals, Bangalore

Arthritis Awareness Walkathon 2010&2011. SPARSH Foundation in Association with Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA), Orthopaedic Association of South Indian States (OASIS), Karnataka Orthopaedic Association (KOA), Bangalore Orthopaedic Society (BOS), Karnataka Rheumatology Association (KRA), Sri Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana (SVYASA) University and Bangalore Physiotherapist Network (BPN) conducted Arthritis Awareness Walkathon on 10th October 2010 on the eve of World Arthritis Day. I was instrumental in conceptualizing, planning and executing this mammoth event where more than 2000 people walked to raise awareness about various aspects of arthritis and was reported in all the major news dailies.

“SPARSH Arthroplasty Course – Basic Knee 2009 & 2011”. I Conceptualised and organized this course as the Course Co-Coordinator.

I was the Secretary of Bangalore Orthopaedic Society, Bangalore, India for the year 2008-2009. Through this body we organised 10 monthly scientific meetings and one annual conference – BOSCON 2009.

I was In-Charge of weekly Middle grade Orthopaedic Rota at University Hospital Lewisham, London.

I was involved in organizing the MRCS Clinical Skills day 8th Sept 2004 at University hospital Lewisham, London.

Organising secretary for the “Advanced Trauma Management Course” for trainees, on the lines of ATLS organised jointly by the Bangalore Medical College and Bangalore Orthopaedic Society, on 18th & 19th Jan 2003, Bangalore India.

Organised inter collegiate sports events as the student Sports Secretary, during College

Activities for Social Cause:

  • Instrumental in starting the PEOPLE TREE Foundation, (www.peopletreefoundation.in) a unique non-profit organization established by a group of young passionate and enterprising doctors, who have set themselves out to realize a disease and disability free India. This foundation aims to empower people by providing services spanning the fields of Health, Education and Health Education.
  • PEOPLE Touch Program 100 Free Surgeries 100 poor Patients. 

It is unfortunate that today, 7 out of every 10 Indians do not have access to acceptable healthcare. These PEOPLE have few options but to accept suffering as a way of life. As a part of program in 2014-15, PEOPLE TREE Foundation supported 101 complex surgeries for free in poor needy patients.

These surgeries included Joint Replacements, Complex Spine Surgeries, ENT & Head and Neck Surgeries, Complex Pediatric Surgeries, Gynecology Surgeries, Minimal Access Laproscopic Surgeries etc. 

  • SPARSH Guru Namana a Tribute to Teachers

In September 2010, SPARSH Hospital conducted a week-long surgical event to operate upon 100 economically-underprivileged teachers with debilitating Arthritis. A team of international and Indian Arthroplasty Specialists – worked together for a week at SPARSH Hospital. All the Joint Replacements done were completely free of cost for all the teachers.

I was involved in organising the event, conducting surgeries and co-ordinating the surgical teams from both India and abroad.

  • SPARSH Vachana, The Promise of a better life.

In October 2009, SPARSH Hospital conducted a week-long surgical event to operate upon 200 economically-underprivileged children with complex orthopaedic problems. A team of international and Indian doctors which include paediatric orthopaedic surgeons, paediatric anaesthetists, nurses and therapists – a total of 30 specialists, worked together for a week at SPARSH Hospital. All the Surgeries were done free of cost for all the children.

I was involved in the fund raising and co-ordinating the surgical teams from both India and abroad.

  • On site Earthquake relief duty – during Major Earthquake in Gujarat, India, 26th Jan 2001.

We were the first to fly for the on-site relief when this major disaster struck millions of innocent lives in Gujarat (Western India). Our activities included planning, triage, resuscitation and surgeries. I took up the responsibility of a team leader, coordinating the team members. We stayed onsite for a week to carry out the relief work.